Empyre release new single / video for “Cut to the Core (Acoustic)”

One of the hardest-working bands during Lockdown, Empyre have today released another video – this one an acoustic rendition of “Cut to the Core”.

With “Cut to the Core (Acoustic)” Empyre continue to build their reputation as a band capable of pushing the boundaries of their own sound. They showed us the power of their acoustic skills with the re-interpretation of Drive, and now, the band takes the challenge even further, by amazing their fans once again, with a new version of “Cut to the Core”.

Fairly loyal to the original, Empyre give it a new life, creating a track that needs no “plugs” to make its statement. The single finds the perfect ally in the accompanying video, which adds an extra dimension, underlying the intimate and personal nuances; the setting is curated to the very last detail, displaying elements influenced by the iconic MTV Unplugged series that defined a generation.

Empyre: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | spotify

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