Video: Dog Tired – Lord of the Vile

You would be forgiven to think that the title of this song, “Lord of the Vile”, is homage to some old school death metal band. Scottish heavyweights Dog Tired are nothing of the kind though and are more of the Lamb of God, Machine Head and Pantera variety but they also have something else under their belts. Dog Tired know how to write songs that are catchy, make you get off your ass and move, as well as snap your neck to the bone crushing riffs.

Dog Tired hail from Edinburgh and have released four albums and how these heavy weight titans remain unsigned beggars belief. These guys have worked tirelessly in their art, will play gigs anywhere and at anytime as well as having a never-say-die attitude and play music for their own enjoyment. I personally have a lot of time for Dog Tired, even though they are off my beaten track as far as musical genres are concerned.

I cannot deny though that Dog Tired are a band that makes me feel that this is why I listen to metal. Dog Tired deserve to play on bigger stages and with this video and album, The Electric Abyss, bigger things should come their way. Enjoy this video, snap your neck, get your bahookie a-shoogling and raise your horns to a damn fine tune.

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