Video and album news: Lovebreakers

A search on our site will find that we’ve covered Lovebites before. Two of them. Last year, Ross caught the Japanese one supporting DragonForce. The year before that, he reviewed an EP by a band with a similar name from the Midlands. Well, the latter decided it was easier to change their name than be confused with the former, so now we have Lovebreakers who have just released a single, having just recorded their full debut album.

They traipsed all the way to the USofA to record their album with another Brummie (Davey Warsop – Green Day, Foo Fighters), and from the sounds of “Eye Roller” it was an investment in time and money worth making. This is a nice, upbeat, rocky song which bodes well for what’s to come when the full collection becomes available later this year.

The video is quarantine quality, made up on the bedroom floor of band member Christian!

So give “Eye Roller” a listen and see if you’re as excited as we are about Lovebreakers’ future…

Lovebreakers: facebook | twitterinstagram | spotify

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