Video Premiere: Oooth – Gotta Give it Up

Johannesburg-based rock power trio Oooth, led by renowned drummer and musician Jason Oosthuizen have unveiled the video for their track “Gotta Give It Up”. The track is taken from their 2019 album Keeping it Casual.

Jason explains about the origins of the song:

“Gotta Give It Up” was written a long time ago when one morning I woke up hungover as can be and in someone I don’t knows house. I was walking around this house trying to find a way out so I could find a landmark in order to find my way back to my hotel. On the way while walking I kept repeating in my head “I gotta give it up I gotta give it up this time”. The song is just really about reaching the point where you need to give something up in order to move forward in life, I think we all get there at some or other time. This song was pretty easy as it all just fell into place.

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