Burning The Dream release “Dark Waters” video with strong message

Scottish heavyweight bruisers Burning The Dream released an excellent EP, Dark Waters, which I reviewed in 2018 stating, “I am more than happy that this band are local, however, after this release they should be getting some recognition”. Mixing influences from metalcore, thrash and death metal with everything progressive, Burning The Dream have garnered a number of fans since the EP release in 2018. The title track of the EP has been made into an official video with a very strong message behind it. Focussing on the dark world that is suicide, there are contact numbers for Samaritans and Hopeline UK for those who feel lost and realise that there is hope and that there is always a way out with people always ready to talk to is the most important one. 

Running at eight minutes long, the song captures all of the progressive, thrash and metalcore elements that they have set out to enhance the listening experience. There are so many structures in this song and especially being this long, it would have to be done right all the time otherwise it would fall flat on its face. Thankfully every aspect works perfectly together be it the more mellow acoustic parts or the thrash style riffs on show here.

From the start of the song, you can feel the atmosphere building up from the mid-paced chugging riffs before bass drops with the heavily influenced Meshuggah moments. But you know what, it sounds mighty damn good. Paul’s vocals are harsh but coherent, making sure the subject matter is being heard and backed by Greig, Iain, Richy and John, Burning The Dream are as tight a band as you can get. Burning The Dream need to be heard and with this video and with its message, it sure as hell will be.

The band recorded the EP themselves and had Chris Clancy of Wearing Scars fame mix and master it at the Audioworks Productions for the band and the quality of the sound of this EP is excellent. The video was made by Tristan Dales at Tristan Dales Videography who should receive a special mention here.

Burning The Dream: facebook | twitterbandcamp | bigcartel

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