Germany’s Controversial drop kick-ass new video

Ahead of an appearance at this year’s UK Tech Fest, German technical death metal assailants Controversial have started their year with a bold statement on humanity, and the video single release of “Formicidae”.

Drawn from their late 2019 album Revelation and armed with an arsenal of crushingly chuggy, quick-fire riffs backed with flashes of intense rhythmic aggression, “Formicidae” presents yet another provocative topic of discussion from the quintet. Led by the near-demonic vocal presence of Jonas Langhammer, “Formicidae” is clearly a critical statement on modern society. As humanity continues to blindly obey the dominating masses, the potential of the individual seems progressively weakened.

As Langhammer explains:

During the time I wrote the lyrics for the song, I had been becoming more and more concerned with the topic of senseless consumption. I find it astonishing how we have managed to establish such a throwaway society. All that matters seems to be the cheapest price; Whether we need all of these goods or not ultimately doesn’t matter anymore. I hope that this mentality will change in the near future, because we are currently digging mass graves for the generations after us. I am a supporter of the current protests and hope that our society will change, because we simply have no choice if we wish to continue to exist.

Controversial: officialfacebook | instagram | spotify | bandcamp | youtube

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