Ice Nine Kills – details of “The Silver Scream: Final Cut” and acoustic video with Matt Heafy

October is the month of haunting, and horror-inspired metal outfit Ice Nine Kills are prepared to keep listeners filled with terror as they slowly unravel details on the deluxe edition of their critically acclaimed standout 2018 effort, The Silver Scream.

Scheduled for release on October 25th via Fearless Records, The Silver Scream: Final Cut is a devilish director’s cut style delicacy packed with the original Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart-topping slab’s 13 songs of punishingly heavy and uproariously anthemic odes to 13 horror classics; the package is available for pre-order now (see below for details). In addition to the original tracking, the album will include bone-chilling acoustic dirge renditions of goth-avenging “A Grave Mistake (live at SiriusXM),” chainsaw-wielding “Savages”, machete-slashing “Thank God It’s Friday” (co-starring the first Jason himself, horror icon Ari Lehman) and pumpkin- carving “Stabbing in the Dark” (featuring Trivium frontman Matt Heafy), the latter of which premieres today in the below video stream, as well as being released across all digital streaming platforms.

The ‘hands of fate’ played their role not only in this song, but also in real life as Trivium’s Matt Heafy had originally covered Ice Nine Kills’ “Stabbing in the Dark” on his ‘KiichiChaosKaraoke’ Twitch series, where fans request him to learn and perform a song of their choice in its entirety while live streaming. A collaboration was imminent, and the results can be heard below:

Declares Heafy:

Ice Nine Kills is one of the absolute best bands on the planet right now. Their blend of styles and sounds and unique imagery have crafted a world entirely their own.

Being such a big fan myself, I did an acoustic cover of “Stabbing In The Dark” on my Twitch – live one day. Next thing I knew, INK checked it out and dug it – which I was honoured to hear.

When I was asked to guest on a proper acoustic version of my favorite tune from The Silver Scream – I was elated.

I can’t wait till the world hears this newly reimagined version of this incredible song. Watch as INK takes the world over. Mark my words.

Charnas also commented:

We were devilishly delighted to find out that Matt was a fan of INK. When we heard his chill inducing cover of “Stabbing In The Dark”, we knew right then and there that we had to collaborate with him. We have enormous respect for Matt’s abilities and are honored to have him be a part of this spooky, almost folk like rendition of the song. He slaughtered this performance and we can’t wait for people to hear it during our favorite month of the year.

The fill tracklist for the album is as follows:

  1. The American Nightmare
  2. Thank God It’s Friday
  3. Stabbing In The Dark
  4. Savages
  5. The Jig Is Up (ft. Randy Strohmeyer of Finch)
  6. A Grave Mistake
  7. Rocking The Boat (ft. Jeremy Schwartz)
  8. Enjoy Your Slay (ft. Sam Kubrick)
  9. Freak Flag
  10. The World in My Hands (ft. Tony Lovato of Mest)
  11. Merry Axe-mas
  12. Love Bites (ft. Chelsea Talmadge, Stranger Things)
  13. IT Is The End (ft. JR Wasilewski & Buddy Schaub of Less Than Jake and Will Salazar of Fenix TX)
  14. Your Number’s Up
  15. Thriller (Michael Jackson cover)
  16. A Grave Mistake (Live from SiriusXM)
  17. Stabbing In The Dark (Acoustic ft. Matt Heafy)
  18. SAVAGES (Acoustic)
  19. Thank God It’s Friday (Acoustic ft. Ari Lehman)

Header photo by Katie Frost Photography

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