Video Exclusive: Mortishead

Mortishead’s set at Bloodstock 2018 was something to behold. Especially if you like flames. The band went all out to impress and impress they did! After playing the New Blood stage in 2015, they really upped the ante for their debut performance on the SOPHIE stage, and I’m sure health and safety were bricking themselves as the fire leapt around inside the tent!

We are hugely honoured that Mortishead approached us and asked if we’d premier the first official video from that show, the opening song of the set (and from their Totality EP), “Shit Storm”.

You can catch the video by scrolling down, but for those who want a bit of background here are some words from the band…

We first played Bloodstock in 2015, having won M2TM Bristol. We then got invited back to play in 2018 on the Sophie Stage. For us, the opportunity to return and perform on the Sophie Stage was a chance for us to show what we are capable of. We know we’ve got a show that packs a disturbing punch but we wanted it to stand out and be extra special so, amongst other things, we invested in suitably sized backdrops and a full pyrotechnics show to keep things heated / slightly dangerous. We performed from 11:50 till 12:20 and clashed with our friends in Democratus (New Blood) and Onslaught (Main Stage). It’s a testament to Bloodstock that 3 bands, from a similar region (Bristol / Cardiff), can all perform at the same time and still have packed out crowds at each stage. Be sure to watch their live videos as well on Bloodstock’s YouTube page.

If at Bloodstock this year we suggest everyone checks out the New Blood Stage bands, especially our home town 2019 winners Voluntas. The winners from our nearest regions were Death by Ki (Somerset), Grief Ritual (Cheltenham) and Blind Divide (South Wales).

We’d also highly recommend checking out the bands that have previously played the New Blood Stage and have been invited back to perform on the Sophie Stage. Barbarian Hermit open the Sophie Stage on the Thursday, having won M2TM last year. They’re joined by previous M2TM bands Footprints in the Custard and Ten Ton Slug who are main support to Rotting Christ. Another band making the most of the opportunity this year will be Resin. They’ve previously performed on the Jager Stage and New Blood Stage and, now they’ve been booked for the larger Sophie Stage, they’re planning on delivering something special by having a strings section accompany them on stage this year.

Also, if at Bloodstock Festival this year, seek out the Heathen Wax Works stall as they’ll be selling our hand carved TOTALITY candles in limited numbers. Every MORTISHEAD candle purchased on site will come with a FREE MORTISHEAD patch. They’re also the creators of last year’s official Bloodstock Festival 2018 candle and this year’s 2019 version.

In time, we’ll release the full 30 minutes of uninterrupted mayhem from Bloodstock Festival 2018…!

Mortishead: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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