Video Exclusive: Canine – “Last Words Live Forever”

It’s always a pleasure here to get the scoop on something, whether it’s an album play, a single release or whatever. Today we have the spanking new video from Canine, so fresh you can still see bits of cellophane sticking to the edges.

“Last Words Live Forever” is the first single from the band’s debut album, The Uprising. In its first version, this song came out as a lyric video. But Canine felt like they had missed the point of it. They had to tell the true story. They had to tell it with more than words. So, with the help of many people in the Israel metal scene (including For Us All guitarist Yura Bikhman as the main character) they have put out the real story behind the lyrics. The music. The vibes. This song may sound happy for times, but it is based on the darkest thought of a human being.

Canine: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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