Video Exclusive: Siderian – The Supplicant

A week ago we had this bunch of noisemakers as Band of the Day. Today we get to unleash their brand spanking new video for “The Supplicant”!

The song is culled from the album Origins which is readying itself to pummel your eardrums from June 21st. Paying no heed to musical trends or fads and favouring authentic aggression, massive riffs and thought-provoking lyrics welded to their relentless signature groove, the nine-track album is the culmination of years of hard work and time spent refining their sound.

The band entered Initiate Audio and Media Studios in late 2018 with the legendary Neil Hudson (Krysthla, Gutworm) at the helm to lay down an album that delivers on their promise of making everything as heavy, fast and harsh as possible without compromising on the need for memorable songs. From the blistering, straight up thrash metal of the title track to the calculated bludgeon of “The Supplicant” and the eclectic whirlwind that is “Voices”, Origins is an album that dips in and out of metal’s more extreme sub-genres at will, seamlessly mixing a blend of razor-sharp riffery and caustic vocals with percussive battery and thumping low-end.

Former singles “Oleum” and “Lizard Method Statement” (that previously attracted attention from BBC Introducing and BBC national radio) have been re-recorded for the album, the latter featuring a crushing new bridge that showcases the improved writing abilities of the band.

Pre-orders for the album, along with associated merch, are available via bigcartel.

Siderian: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | spotify | bigcartel

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