Video Premiere: Hosemen – Hollow Man

In 2019, it’s harder than ever to be non-conformist when approaching genre boundaries – how do you break barriers when so many have already been obliterated? Fortunately for Hosemen, it’s still possible to bend people’s perception of rock by bringing in such diametrically opposed genres and marrying them seamlessly. Such is the case on Saturday Nite Conformity, the band’s first full-length since renaming themselves from Mantyhose.

Each layer of Saturday Nite Conformity requires several listens to unpack – first comes the 90s alt rock and grunge, with its hefty bass lines. Then comes the British post-punk flavor, with enveloping guitar melodies and raw vocals that quiver with emotion. The Cure meets Alice In Chains, if you will. There’s even the odd Iron Maiden lick that pops up, such as in “I Surround”, and a hypnotic swaying vibe to “Touch The Skys”. Despite the disparity, everything flows smoothly due to the superb recording job done by the Grammy-winning Richard Corsello (Sonny Rollins, Etta James, Eddie Money).

Mr. Corsello is not the only big name whose attention has already been caught by Hosemen – Helmet’s Page Hamilton put his seal of approval on the band, saying:

I’ll be honest, these guys are my friends so I could rip ‘em to shreds cause ‘that’s what friends are for’ (cue Dionne, Gladys’ Elton, and Stevie), bustin’ balls! …but, alas, they are really good. They have fused influences from The Cure, New Order, to The Stranglers into something uniquely Hosemen. They sit alone atop my shit-lump inhabiting their own little corner of the musical universe.

Hosemen: facebook | youtube | bandcamp

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May 2, 2019 8:34 PM

Hey Ross, zee Hosemen thank you from the bottom of our hearts.. Cheers, Quinn