Video: Y!KES – The Y Factor

Brummie indie rockers Y!KES are back with their follow up single to “Uncanny Valley” Entitled “The Y-Factor”, it’s accompanied by a hilarious new video. Taking a swipe at reality TV shows such as The X Factor and Gogglebox, the video sees the band play a variety of playful characters. From the stereotypical mundane judges to families responding to the video from their own homes. The elderly couple not wanting to like it, the goths showing zero emotion, the religious kids enjoying the jam getting whipped by their father, I laughed so hard! Not to mention Elton John’s complete fuck up!

The track itself in complete contrast, explores the darker side of these shows and the incessant need for people to hunger adoration and fame “The Y-Factor’s our new dopamine” and the devastating consequences it can have for those already at that end of the game. Full of infectious hooks, frenzied drumming, punchy lyrics and singalong choruses, what is there not to love?! Check it out below!

Y!KES: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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