Rat The Magnificent unearth new music video for “Marrtalon”

From their stunning dark and poetic debut The Body As Pleasure, noise rockers Rat The Magnificent have released their latest brooding track “Marrtalon” with an equally melancholic video to boot.

“It’s quite dark at the start, trying to follow the song’s intention” explains vocalist Perry M. Anderson, I couldn’t agree more.

The video is as sombre and haunting as the track, mirroring the ominous bass line and desperate vocals throughout. Angsty, pleading lyrics are augmented with a split facial image, barely lit but in obvious turmoil, the sludgy bassline and distorted guitar dilate their sound in equal distress. Destitution and empathy bleeds throughout and you feel every note. A dark and enchanting delivery of an equally intense track.

Rat The Magnificent: facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp

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