Sunday, July 21, 2019
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Christopher Bowes releases beancore (?!) EP

File this one under “what the f*#k did I just hear?”. Chris Bowes, with Alestorm and a forthcoming Gloryhammer album obviously not enough for him after Bumilingus was laid to rest, has embarked on a new venture: beancore. I can see the (drunken, late night) conversation now:

Chris: You know how Napalm love us, and will pretty much release any old shit we make as long as it’s funny?

Plate of Beans: Yes?

Chris: Well, I found some old music editing software on a dusty old Atari ST. How about…

PoB: Go on…

Chris: How about we write some songs about beans, shove in some bleeps and bloops and mail it to them in the morning before we sober up?

And thus, in my head, Christopher Bowes and his Plate of Beans ended up being emailed to Napalm Records where a hungover exec accidentally filed it under “get this one pressed and on CD by Monday”. Oops. Or you could try Chris’s version of events.

Judge for yourselves. It’s… different. I want the t-shirt, though. If anyone at Napalm is still drunk enough to send me one for nothing.

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