Exclusive Video Premier: The Crawling – “Poison Orange”

We’re proud to be able to exclusively present what we think is one of the creepiest and most haunting videos you’ll see this year. It’s from The Crawling, an act that we only featured as Band of the Day a few months ago but who have been throwing out dark, chugging riffs for a lot longer than that.

“Poison Orange” is the fifth video to be released from The Crawling’s album Anatomy Of Loss. The song is based around the experience of being in a room when someones dies, and only the narrator is aware. This subsequently forces the responsibility of telling others present, the person is dead. People react very differently to such an event.

“Poison Orange” explores the rejection of reality, and the inevitable realisation of the truth. The video captures that dark, isolated experience perfectly.

The Crawling: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | bandcamp

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