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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Forbidden Seasons – “Promise” video behind the scenes

Promise refers to all the promises made by people that are never fulfilled because of their selfishness,” proclaims Mark, vocalist of Italian metalcore crew Forbidden Seasons, regarding the title of their forthcoming debut album. Hailing from Turin, Italy writing for the follow-up to debut EP Paramnesia began after their Russian tour in February 2017, with Mark describing the outcome as “really reflecting who we are and the direction we want to take. Both in terms of sound and composition it’s very different and heavier than our last; we wanted to create a deeper sound according to our emotional state.” Releasing on 16th March, the album is melodically charged, beauty meeting darkness, their sound evokes Saosin and Underoath, Forbidden Seasons certainly are a promising prospect. Having recently released the video for the single ‘Thank You For The Venom’ the band are now here to give us an insight into the making of…

Making the video of “Thank You For The Venom” has been a great and funny experience. It was shot at Villa Bombrini in Genova, by the amazing guys and friends in Lucernafilms. The video talks about all the things in life that bring you down, and are represented by a dark entity, with black hands. The girl (actress & model Riae of Suicide Girls) at the beginning is dressed in white because she is pure and she wants to resist against the entity; despite everything at the end she gives up and becomes a part of it.

We have chosen this song because it’s like an anthem for all the people like us, that feel oppressed by those who don’t believe in them. The song itself reflects the overall sound of the album, and it’s one of our favorites; it’s been quite an easy choice for a video and first single.

Working with Riae has been really wonderful; she’s an amazing person and such a great actress. After the filming, we had fun and laugh until unfortunately she had to leave. We really can’t wait to see her again and who knows, maybe work with her again!

It wouldn’t have been a normal day with Forbidden Seasons, without some obstacles. For example, we broke a side mirror of our van just 5 minutes before arriving. Then during the shooting, an electrical outlet caught fire and Danny put it out with his shoe. What is more, the alarm system of the villa was triggered every 10 minutes by the smoke machine, and at the end of the day all the water was gone, leaving us with only some raspberry syrup we were using as venom in Riae’s shooting with the ampoule. So, it was a normal crazy day, that we’ll never forget!

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