Video Roundup: Rumahoy, Grimner, WEAK13, Sons, Crowned Kings, Inner Circle Avenue

First roundup of the week. Dive in while the water’s hot…

Rumahoy – “Forest Party”

Pirates are known for their parties. And of course for lots of YAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRs, but especially for their parties. So Rumahoy have decided YARRR, it’s time for a new music video and we say YAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR, we love it!

Rumahoy’s full-length and Napalm Records debut The Triumph Of Piracy will be released on February 9th 2018 across the seven seas!

Grimner – “En Fallen Jätte”

2018 sees Swedish Viking/folk metallers Grimner celebrate their 10th anniversary with the release of a new full-length album Vanadrottning (Despotz Records) on February 9th.

A heavier, more powerful and rhythmic sound, together with a fantastic new voice brought by their latest addition Martin. Expect a dynamic, fresh and thrilling album with the band pushing the boundaries and taking their unique music to a new level. Check out “En Fallen Jätte” to whet your appetite.

WEAK13 – “Loyal Coward”

British independent band WEAK13 have released the “Loyal Coward” music video set in the Viking Age featuring the Svartland Living History Society who hail from Wordsley, West Midlands. Their latest music video, taken from their album They Live, is definitely the most commercial sounding WEAK13 song to date but nothing is ever quite what it seems in regards to how the band functions.

Sons – “Rise”

We featured Sons‘ last single, “Zealot” a few months ago and are very happy to see the band still throwing out some raucous sounds with “Rise”, their new single which is out now. Simultaneously angry and uplifting, it’s another great song from a band showing bags of potential.

Crowned Kings – Sea of Misery

Crowned Kings have released their first video, “Sea Of Misery”, from thE similarly-entitled upcoming record. The full length Sea Of Misery will be out on March the 23rd.

Inner Circle Avenue – Goin’ Nowhere Fast

Toledo, OH based alternative rock band Inner Circle Avenue has released the official music video for their single, “Goin’ Nowhere Fast”, off their 2016 released, debut EP, Greetings from the Inner Circle. Says the foursome about the track:

The song, “Goin’ Nowhere Fast”, illustrates young souls looking for a sense of belonging in a confusing and tumultuous world. The fruits of your labor combined with life’s passions far too often fall short of expectations. Clouded by a sense of pure determination, one could become misguided. However, youthful ambitions triumph over a repressed society. Through the song, “Goin’ Nowhere Fast”, we have acknowledged our inner struggles and overcome them through an overwhelming sense of family and friendship.

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