Video Roundup: Ben Blutzukker, Absque Cor, Beast In Black, Ornimental, Kamelot, Dominhate

Here’s our first roundup of 2018! A few stragglers from last year, and a couple of new ones to wrap your musical enjoyment gear around.

Ben Blutzukker – “Riptide”

Ben Blutzukker got in touch to showcase us his latest video, featuring some awesome LEGO animation by A&M Studios. You can get the whole Riptide LP via his Bandcamp page.

Absque Cor – “To Co W Człowieku Nieuniknione”

A couple of weeks after the premiere of the debut album titled Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć, the enigmatic project called Absque Cor presents an official video accompanying a track titled “To Co W Człowieku Nieuniknione”. The video was directed and produced by the DR Silesia team who collaborate with acts like Furia, Arkona, and Stillborn.

In a brief comment, the founder of Absque Cor, Vos, clarifies the essence of both the track itself, and the whole album:

We’ll take you to a place where there is nothing but doubt, denial of all values and devotion. It is a very dark place in which everything is infinite, or noting is finite. And each and every one of us will have to reach it in the end, now matter how, or how fast…

Beast in Black – “Zodd The Immortal”

Beast in Black, the band featuring former Battle Beast guitarist Anton Kabanen, has just concluded its first hugely successful tour in support of their highly-acclaimed debut album titled Berserker. The band have announced some Japanese dates and festival appearances are gradually creeping onto the calendar as well.

In celebration of all these upcoming shows and a successful 2017, Beast in Black have launched a brand new lyric video for “Zodd The Immortal”, based on a picture by the band’s cover artist Roman Ismailov.

Ornimental – “Love Thy Enemy”

Ft. Lauderdale, FL based metal band Ornimental has released the lyric video for their single, “Love Thy Enemy”. The single is available to stream and download online. The band describe the song:

“Love Thy Enemy” is about somebody that betrayed someone so bad that they could start dedicating their life to start a war with them. It could start as revenge with that prideful, arrogant person, but decided that the righteous path of love is better for both sides.

Kamelot – “Under Grey Skies (ft. Charlotte Wessels of Delain)”

With their latest opus Haven, released in 2015 on Napalm Records, symphonic metal masters Kamelot set new heights with their epic and highly emotional trademark sound: This album became the soundtrack for an unforgettable and monumental silver screen experience delivering dark melancholy, aggressive metal and soul-soothing melodies! Produced by Sascha Paeth, illustrious guests such as Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Troy Donockley (Nightwish) and Charlotte Wessels (Delain) gave Haven some extra magic!

Released at the end of last year, kamelot unveiled a brand new video for the track “Under Grey Skies”, featuring Delain‘s Charlotte Wessels!

Dominhate – “Faith Delirius Imago”

Italian death dealers Dominhate have released lyric and drum play-through videos for “Faith Delirius Imago” a song taken from Lavadome Productions EP Emissaries of Morning.

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