Video Roundup: Divide, Black Wizard, Audrey Horne, Revolve, Versive, Dalriada

After a busy weekend, a quick post to give you a handful more videos left over from last week. It’s almost as if bands, labels and PR companies are trying to rush a load of stuff out with some kind of deadline or something…

Divide – “Last Words”

Fresh from releasing their new EP Embers, Glasgow’s Divide are pleased to release their new video “Last Words”. Singer Nicole Mason tells us:

“Last Words” was inspired by a book called The Lovely Bones. The idea was to write a song from from the prospective of someone who has had their life taken from them, that really sparked something in me. To give them a voice, to give people who are lost in life the message that it’s ok to feel that way but you need to keep fighting.

I loved making this music video. We had our good friend Kitsch Me Vintage (Stylist & Make Up) on-board. I wanted to show people that there is beauty even in the darkest parts of this world. It’s okay to be different.

Black Wizard – “Feast or Famine”

Canadian heavy metal/stoner rock collective Black Wizard will release their brand new full-length Livin’ Oblivion this February. The record was produced and engineered by Michael Kraushaar in Vancouver, British Columbia and comes sheathed in the cover art of renowned Berlin, German-based illustrator Eliran Kantor (Testament, Crowbar, Satan). The band states:

This is the first video we have ever done. It took us way too long to hop on this wagon.Rob did a great job capturing the band in our natural habitat and showing off our live energy. Now people can see what they’re in for before seeing us.We’re doing a full storyline video right away too, so keep those eyes peeled!

Audrey Horne – “Audrevolution”

Audrey Horne have already fully enthralled the music industry and worldwide press with their highly anticipated new album Blackout – set to be released on January 12th 2018 via Napalm Records. Now please welcome the second single “Audrevolution”! The band have this to say:

We just gave you a war, now we bring you a revolution! We are super psyched to present the second single “Audrevolution” from our new album Blackout Viva le résistance!

Revolve – “Days of Grey”

East Coast hard rock band Revolve has released the lyric video for their single, “Days of Grey”. The video was produced by Morgan Rose (Sevendust).

Versive – “Blind”

Alt-rock quintet Versive have unveiled the video for their latest single “Blind”, which was released earlier this year via Scylla Records. The single was produced by Four Year Strong’s Alan Day after Versive toured with the band earlier this year. Versive tell us:

This is a song that has been kicking around for a while, but never quite came together. When we got [Four Year Strong’s] Alan Day on board to produce it, his input really helped bring it to life. Lyrically, this song is intended as a bit of a takedown of people who blindly believe in anything at the expense of facts and empathy. Primarily with regard to religion and faith – but it could just as easily apply to media, politics, or any area of life where people are happy to remain wilfully ignorant of the reality that surrounds them. People who are so caught up in their beliefs they fail to think of how their actions and outlook impact others.

Dalriada – “Búsirató”

Leading Hungarian folk metal band Dalriada have just released a new music video for “Búsirató” from the upcoming new studio album Nyárutó.

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