Hollowstar release new video this morning

In their first mainstream video release to date, Cambridge-based rock group Hollowstar tastefully tackle issues such as depression, anxiety, and creative trepidation, creating the perfect supplementary narrative to their fan-favourite single “Feel the Burn”.

The video, produced by Tom Norris and his team at As a Button Productions, intertwines artistic live shots with a carefully-crafted character-driven narrative in which we watch our unnamed lead, masterfully portrayed with an air of subtle despondency by actress Erin Elkin, struggle with her creative endeavour in the midst of unseen internal strife. In this case her art is literal, represented by a painting which is steadily revealed as the video progresses; though the message clearly extends beyond its most-apparent translation to all those forced to keep a brave face and carry on under the strain of psychological distress.

The song itself has garnered much acclaim from audiences and critics alike since its standalone release back in the summer of 2016, with the band receiving praise for their refusal to shy away from subjects still all-too-often considered taboo. The influence of the band’s personal experiences in the songwriting process is apparent throughout, in both the tone of the song and the heartfelt delivery of the somewhat profound lyrics.

Since forming in the town of St Ives, Cambridgeshire back in 2015, Hollowstar have been hard at work perfecting their craft, delighting audiences across the country with their heavy-hitting dirty rock sound in the process. June of 2017 saw the launch of the band’s debut EP – Some Things Matter – to much critical acclaim, reaching 13th on the iTunes Rock Chart and helping to facilitate their first major steps onto the national and international scenes. Boasting regular radio airplay on some of the UK’s most prominent radio stations including the BBC, the lads have also seen their music gracing the airwaves in various countries throughout Europe and the wider world.

Comprised of four accomplished musicians in the form of singer/bassist Joe Bonson, guitarists Phil Haines and Tom Collett, and drummer Jack Bonson, Hollowstar came together with one simple mission in mind; to make some of the finest rock and roll ever heard on this side of the Atlantic. Drawing upon influences including Black Stone Cherry, Thunder, and Slash, the lads quickly set about achieving their goal, and were soon found sharing stages with the likes of Chantel McGregor, Toseland, Barns Courtney, and Stone Broken, among others.

Rock is once again rightfully on the rise, and Hollowstar look set to lead the charge into 2018 with riffs fit to grace arenas one day and a truly entertaining live show to match.

Cambridgeshire-based video production company As a Button Productions was established in 2012 when founders Tom and Jack teamed up to film a friend’s music tour across the UK. This sparked off further music videos and promotional work for local and international companies. Along with the subsequent growth of the crew and skillset, with constant reinvestment the team now have an impressive collection of the latest equipment, including 4k capable cameras and high end stabilisers, allowing them to produce videos on par with much larger production companies.

Header image by Sally Newhouse

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