Video Roundup: Cane Hill, Harbour Sharks, Saintorment, Stormbringer, Dreamers Crime, Defecto

You have landed on Wednesday. Go to Friday. One day at a time. Do not pass “GO”, do not collect £200…

Cane Hill – “Too Far Gone”

Cane Hill recently premiered their new single “Too Far Gone” via Dan P. Carter’s Radio One Rock Show and have now dropped the video for the track. The band have this to say about the song:

This song is about our short and dangerously intense romance with LSD. We went down a rabbit hole and I’m not sure how we came back. But Cane Hill’s here – bigger and better. This is in your face Cane Hill. The real Cane Hill. No makeup or gimmicks — just musicians playing aggressive ass music that’s meant to stick in your head and you won’t want to get it out.

The band are on tour with Motionless in White in early 2018.

Harbour Sharks – “False Flags”

When governments disregard their citizens for their own greed, the music scene usually fronts the charge, voicing the repressed frustrations of the people. Harbour Sharks have risen to this with their new single “False Flags”. Speaking of False Flags, Harbour Sharks explain the motivation for the new track:

“False Flags” was written in response to the ongoing terror attacks in the Western world and in particular how the information is handled by the media and it’s subsequent audience. The message is to be sceptical, think critically and remind people that we are expendable pawns when it comes to war and profit.

Saintorment – “Strong Enough”

We featured Latvia’s Saintorment a little bit last year, reviewing their Well of Sins album, and featured their cover of Let it Snow in our seasonal roundup in December. “Strong Enough”, below, is taken from the Saintorment’s second album entitled Defective Mind which will be available 13th of November.

Stormbringer – “Bleed For”

Stormbringer release their second track from new album Born A Dying Breed, due to be released in November, with the full promo video for the blistering rocker “Bleed For”.


Dreamers Crime – “Here We Are”

Dreamers Crime are today announcing that they are to release their brand new album No Compromises on Friday November 17 – an album created and crafted by the Sydney band along with Stevie Knight and Dave Petrovic at Electric Sun Studios (Tonight Alive, The Dead Love, Thy Art is Murder, Northlane). This is their debut album and it hits hard and pulls no punches.

No Compromises will be available for pre-order this Friday October 13. The first single from it is “Dreamers Crime”.

Defecto – “Savage”

Defecto is Denmark’s newest and finest addition to melodic and progressive metal, featuring huge catchy choruses, massive riffs, blazing solos and grandiose symphonies. They had a splendid 2017 including supportslots for mastodons such as Metallica and Rammstein, and a nearly sold out Denmark tour. They end 2017 in style by releasing of second album Nemesis.

You can watch the first single and video from the album right here.

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