Teller tell us about their debut single / video

“We have a past, we have made mistakes. This is the story, this is Teller.” These are the bold first words from Leeds newcomers Teller, an act who describe themselves as “rising from the ashes of a past project” in order to take “our experiences, our mistakes and hone in on a sound and message that best describes us as musicians.” The band recently unveiled their debut video single “Victoria” (below), and describe it as “the perfect song to make our debut. We feel it introduces and demonstrates the band’s intense, energetic sound, coupled with strong melodic hooks.”

Now the band are here to give you more insight into their debut single…

The Writing

The writing process of “Victoria” (and the majority of our songs) comprised of countless back and forth train journeys in the Autumn and Winter nights of 2015. Our songs lyrically are very much written from a cathartic standpoint, trying to make sense of our thoughts and fears. Our first song “Victoria” deals with love and how long after the idea or prospect of can follow you around, which is represented by the daemon in the video.

We never intended or set out for our songs to sound like a particular artist, however if we had to relate the sounds, we would put it down to a crossover from Letlive and Every Time I Die, with melodic elements reminiscent of Issues.

The Recording

“Victoria” was recorded with our good friend Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood (Architects, Periphery, Sikth) at Middle Farm Studios in Devon late last year. The process hugely enjoyable, giving us a real chance to prove ourselves on record and have our songs sound exactly like they did in our heads.

The Video

The video for “Victoria” was directed by Zak Pinchin in the early summer of 2017, and filmed in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

It was quite the sight to see, our masked creature following Robin around Harrogate and across the stray. Filming eventually wrapped up at 3am the following morning with us and the crew on our last legs. The mask was made by the talented Tim Marquis, after our homemade first attempt turned out a disaster.

We’re extremely proud of how this song and video came out. This is a story. This is Teller.

Teller: facebook | twitter | instagram

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