Monday, September 24, 2018
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Video Roundup: Voodoo Vegas, As Strange As Angels, Paradise Lost, SamadhiSitaram, King Woman, Kali Masi

Another eclectic bunch to round out the week…

Voodoo Vegas – “Resolution”

Never ones to rest on their laurels, Voodoo Vegas have also just released their latest video, “Resolution” (the 4th single from the band’s sophomore album Freak Show Candy Floss), a colourful, dynamic performance of the song, filmed by HP Music (Harrison Perks & Craig Jones), that captures the band’s energy. The band are touring the UK and China in the coming months so catch them on the road!

As Strange As Angels – “Waves”

In late December 2016, the former lead singer of Murder FM was at a personal and professional crossroads. At a time during the most vulnerable Norman Matthew had ever been, the song he began writing for himself to express his emotions gave birth to his most prolific work of his career to date. Musically and lyrically transparent to a fault, His story began to tell itself through song “Waves”, the first single that will be available September 15, 2017. As Strange As Angels was born.

Paradise Lost – “Until the Grave”

Paradise Lost’s new album, Medusa (which Dave loved)  is out today! To celebrate the release of their 15th album the band have shared a new video for the track “Until The Grave” which is one of the most crushing songs on the record.

SamadhiSitaram – “Qliphoth”

Russian djent/math metal band SamadhiSitaram have posted a new video for their track “Qliphoth”, the song taken from KaliYuga Babalon released by Sliptrick records on July 14.

King Woman – “Manna”

King Woman has released a stirring new music video for “Manna,” which was filmed in the depths of a forest using stark black-and-white filters. The Huemidhaus-directed video delves into its namesake “manna,” a miracle sustenance that was introduced in the Book of Exodus. As artful as it is spiritual, the video is a stunning addition to the King Woman dogma.

Kali Masi – “Recurring (II)”

Maybe you still have that recurring nightmare from when you were a little kid. Maybe you’re still weary of looking under your bed. Maybe you’re tougher than me and don’t have those problems. Kali Masi bring their own Kubrickian recurring nightmares to life with their new music video for “Recurring (II)”. It’s equal parts dystopian and just plain weird. Listen closely and watch their lyrics come alive and do their best to make that monster under your bed rise up.

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