Video Roundup: The Hyena Kill, Santa Cruz, Stan Bush, Then Comes Silence, System of Hate, Meat Train

Some of you may be on the receiving end of a three-day weekend so if that’s you – enjoy! Regardless, here’s some tracks to aurally peruse over the two or three days.

The Hyena Kill – “Panic Womb”

This dropped yesterday literally as we posted yesterday’s incarnation of the video roundup. It’s 80 seconds of Steven Dobb’s (vocals and guitar) unbridled fury with Lorna Blundell’s frenetic drumming. Basically, it’s the most Hyena Kill thing you’ll ever hear. And if you haven’t already: get your ticket for their Manchester gig next Friday and you’ll get to hear it live.

Santa Cruz – “Young Blood Rising”

Finnish rockers Santa Cruz unleash their new video Young Blood Rising today. The track is taken from forthcoming third album Bad Blood Rising due 10th November on M-Theory Audio, and showcases virtuosic guitars, crowd-commanding choruses and adrenaline ridden energy.

Guitarist Johnny Cruzz comments:

Young Blood Rising was the last song we wrote before hitting the studio. We’ve been on the road touring for two and a half years, experiencing all the highs and lows as a band. Now feels like the right time to return and get the Cruz ball rolling again – we have new blood and new energy.

Stan Bush – “Never Surrender”

Legendary AOR singer/songwriter (Emmy Award winning recording artist) Stan Bush has released a brand new animated video for “Never Surrender”, the song is taken from Change Of World the 13th album, and out now. The video was made by Randall NG.

Then Comes The Silence – “Good Friday”

Swedish post punk/dark wave masters Then Comes Silence have released the official music video for their brand new single “Good Friday”. The track is taken from the forthcoming album, Blood. Band leader Alex Svenson shares his personal story about the inspirations behind this emotionally dark tune:

I’d just started writing on the new album when my father suddenly passed away. He lived thousands of miles away from me and we didn’t keep in touch as much as we should have. I’ve understood now that he needed someone to talk to. Writing the album became a healing process. I miss him a lot and fortunately he pops up in my dreams every now and then. That’s basically what “Good Friday” is about.

System of Hate – “Zealots Path”

System Of Hate release their first proper music video “Zealots Path”, from their debut album Unhallowed Ground, filmed in the Factory Music Rooms, Barnsley. The band also have some amazing gigs coming up, including a trip to the legendary 100 Club in London, their first gig in Scotland and to put the icing on the cake, a rebooking for the Rebellion Festival 2018, the largest punk festival in the world.

Meat Train – “Block 11”

Meat Train have never been afraid to tackle difficult subjects in their music, to say what needs to be said in no uncertain terms. Some things are too important to be kept hidden in the shadows for fear of offending, or of being misunderstood. The horrors committed in the name of the German Third Reich during World War II cannot and must not ever be forgotten. The song Block 11 was written by Meat Train front man Mike Pearson after visiting Auschwitz concentration camp – an experience that left a permanent scar on his soul.

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