Video Roundup: A New Nowhere, This Burning Age, Sworn to Secrecy, Hostile Array, Lilium, Hollywood Undead

Only a regular weekend this time around, no bonus Monday, so hopefully this little collection will cheer you up…

A New Nowhere – “Lightning”

Brand new (just out today), “Lightning” is the spanking new single from Newcastle’s A New Nowhere. This is their second single and heralds their upcoming album which they’re currently working on.

This Burning Age – “Conceal”

Another new single, this one just out on Thursday from This Burning Age. It’s from their even newer fourth EP, Salvation, that dropped only yesterday.

Sworn to Secrecy UK – “Doomed”

And another brand spanking new video, just unleashed this very day (in fact, right this minute!)… Also from Newcastle (editor is not biased, just a coincidence!), Sworn to Secrecy batter you with “Doomed”. It features George Sion of October Ends, and is taken from their debut EP You’re Just As Dead As Me which will be available through all major online platforms.

Hostile Array – “Herd Instinct”

Maryland metalcore quintet Hostile Array, formerly known as My Ransomed Soul, has premiered their new music video for their second single “Herd Instinct”. Outspoken and message driven about the major conflicts in the world, the new single, deals with the idea of blind patriotism and the growth of radical nationalism in the United States. Vocalist Brendan Frey explains:

If we lose our principles, our nation has no value. We have lost our sense of what it means to have true freedom. If you protest the system or the powers that be, people often claim that you’re ‘anti-American’. In my opinion, dissent is one of the highest forms of patriotism.

“Herd Instinct” comes from the band’s upcoming record, set to release in 2018.

Lilium – “Clearly Me”

Combining the elements of funk and pop, “Clearly Me” is a punchy roller-coaster ride of three and a half minutes with a style exploding a crescendo of feeling and mood. After having released their first single with indie record label Deathly Records last year the band gained Lilium a premiere with Getintothis and recurrent radio play on the likes of BBC Introducing.

Hollywood Undead – “Renegade”

Hollywood Undead have just released “Renegade”, the third track/video from their upcoming album Five.

The video portrays a post-apocalyptic world where everyone fends for themselves. Power and authority are thrown into a state of flux as three spirited children show that it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog as they defy all odds to rescue a friend in need. Johnny 3 Tears remarks:

I hope this song and video can inspire kids to believe that they can change the world, and it’s up to them if it’s for the better or worse. The truth is that the kids of today, are the renegades of tomorrow.

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