EXCLUSIVE: new video from Ghost Season

We featured Ghost Season as Band of the Day way back in 2014 (yes, we still had computers back then, though they were more beige). We were delighted to hear from them again recently, especially as they were asking if we would like to unleash their new video on the world. Well… yes!

“Of Hearts and Shadows” is a powerful ballad, from the band’s first full length album Like Stars In a Neon Sky (Did we review it? Of course we reviewed it!), that dwells lyrically through what seems to be the remains of a fading relationship. Ghost Season wanted to make a video more poetic but sensual and the same time, to bring out how the mind revisits the past in times of sorrow. The sense of absence and desolation is masterfully captured by the director Adriana Dziedziela in her first collaboration with the band.

Ghost Season are also preparing for an Eastern European tour in October 2017 and they are planning a UK tour soon after that for the promotion of the album. The dates and cities will be announced in their social media and their website.

Ghost Season: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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