Video Roundup: Paradise Lost, Witchwood, The Darkness, Wage War, Haken, Sifting

We’re squeezed for time with all the Bloodstock prep and everything else going on at the moment, but we’ve just had so many videos through that we couldn’t let today slip by without chucking a half dozen your way…

Paradise Lost – “Blood And Chaos”

From forthcoming album Medusa (which Dave is reviewing for us, and I can tell you he loves it) comes “Blood and Chaos” from legendary doomsters Paradise Lost. You can pick up the song as a 7″ single in shops from today. Subscribe to the band’s mailing list and get another track, “Symbolic Virtue”, for free download as well.

Witchwood – “A Grave Is The River”

Italian 70’s hard rockers Witchwood have just released “A Grave is the River”‘s official video. The song is taken from their latest release Handful of Stars published by Jolly Roger Records in November 2016. Witchwood will perform live at the next Hammer of Doom Festival (Germany) in November with Cirith Ungol, Lucifer’s Friend, Count Raven & more and at Malta Doom Festival (Malta) in October, with Hell, Atlantean Kodex & more.

The Darkness – “All the Pretty Girls”

The Darkness have released the highly entertaining, tongue-in-cheek video for their brand new single “All The Pretty Girls”, out now through Cooking Vinyl. Introducing the video in his own inimitable manner, frontman Justin Hawkins proclaims:

Dear People of the Internet. We have made this excellent video to distract you from the humdrum banality of existence. By looking at film of The Darkness preening and cavorting, you will be transported to an unattainable world of awesomeness. Furthermore, we recommend that you purchase our new record album, for which the above video serves as an amuse-bouche. Enjoy!

Wage War – “Witness”

Florida’s Wage War release their second album Deadweight today on Fearless Records. To mark the occasion, they’ve unleashed the new video for current single “Witness”.

Haken – “Lapse”

Haken are set to hit the road in North America later this month for their 10th Anniversary tour. In advance of that, the band have released a brand new animated video for the track “Lapse”, taken from last year’s critically acclaimed album Affinity and created by Miles Skarin at Crystal Spotlight.

Sifting – “Not From Here”

As a direct response to the Trump Administration’s proposed Raise Act, Venezuelan-American progressive metal outfit Sifting have unveiled a video for their new single “Not From Here”. It is the title track taken from their upcoming full-length album produced by Ryan Williams (Velvet Revolver, Rage Against the Machine), and Steve Evetts (Senses Fail, Suicide Silence), set for worldwide release on September 29, 2017 via Eclipse Records.

Vocalist and frontman Eduardo Gil states:

We can’t forget that this beautiful nation was built by immigrants. That diversity has contributed to the development of this great nation. The intent of the proposed Perdue-Cotton RAISE Act is to curb the level of legal immigration by proposing a merit-based system that grades immigrants based solely on their skills. When I first moved here from Venezuela, I thought I needed to fit in, lose my accent, and dress like everyone in Los Angeles. After reflection however, I realized that I would have been lying to myself. Not From Here was written about overcoming this dilemma which is something all immigrants think about. We don’t need to erase our heritage, or try to fit in. This is a free country and that’s why this nation is great!

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