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Video Roundup: Johnny Lang, Sleeping With Sirens, Centuries of Decay, Arch Enemy, Voices of Ruin, Caligula’s Horse

Johnny Lang – “Stronger Together”

American Blues star Jonny Lang has revealed his brand new music video for Stronger Together, taken from his stunning new album Signs, out now via Provogue/Mascot Label Group. Speaking about Stronger Together, Lang explains:

A song can be an amazing thing for somebody.  It can be something that turns your entire life around.  When you finish a project, I am convinced I have absolutely drained whatever well of creativity I have access to, and then a year later it turns on again.  You can’t really control when it happens, but when it does I try and get as much of it as I can and record it.  With “Stronger Together”, I remember sitting with my wife and playing her the melody and the chords for this song, and asking her if she liked it.  She said I should write it.  I often ask her if it is worth pursuing, and with this one she offered a green light to continue writing that one.

Sleeping With Sirens – “Cheers”

Sleeping With Sirens have unveiled video for “Cheers” a new track from their forthcoming album Gossip, which is due out September 22 via Warner Bros. Records. Talking on the new video singer Kellin Quinn said:

“Cheers” is about accepting yourself, we all have different roles to play in life, we all march to a beat of a different drum. Love yourself, stop caring what other people think.

Centuries of Decay – “Wings of Death”

Centuries of Decay’s second single “Wings of Death” is a song about religious and political propaganda and how it’s use to draw lines between people and nations. The lyrical content of this song draws from influences from George Orwell’s 1984.

Arch Enemy – “The Eagle Flies Alone”

Arch Enemy have revealed the second single, “The Eagle Flies Alone”, taken from their forthcoming album, “Will To Power”, due out on September 8th. Band leader Michael Amott comments:

Strangely enough, this is a song I wrote in sunny Mexico last year, but fear not – Arch Enemy hasn’t gone Mariachi on you! On the contrary, this song is steeped in classic metal and melancholic Scandinavian atmosphere. Lyrically, this is an anthemic war cry to all fellow individualists around the heavy metal world. We shot the video with our director Patric Ullaeus in Sweden on the coldest outdoor shoot I can recall ever doing! The end result was totally worth it, it turned out beautifully. I guess sometimes you really have to suffer for the art!

Voice of Ruin – “I Confess”

Swiss melodic death metal group Voice Of Ruin have just shared the official video for “I Confess” off the band’s third album Purge And PurifyPurge And Purify was produced, recorded and mixed in Cardiff (UK) by Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, BMTH, Sylosis), mastered by Jens Bogren (Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Opeth) and was released on May 12th via Tenacity Music.

Caligula’s Horse – “Will’s Song (Let the Colours Run)”

Caligula’s Horse, a band at the forefront of Australia’s progressive rock scene, recently debuted the track “Will’s Song (Let the Colours Run)”, the first track taken from the forthcoming new album In Contact out 15th September 2017. Now they are premiering the music video for the track, directed by the band’s guitarist Adrian Goleby.

Vocalist Jim Grey explains:

The story of “Will’s Song” is centred around pride and ambition, the human tendency toward self-destruction, the last demand of a proud old man that time is not decay and he is ‘that young man still’.

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