Video Roundup: DFB, Kaipa, Phantom Elite, Red Eleven, I Prevail

DFB – “Transcendence”

Maintaining the momentum from their Perspective EP full stream release via Idobi Radio’s website, California-based duo DFB are back with a brand new music video. The premiere is brought to you by Gear Gods. “Transcendence” is heavy, melodic, and shares a conceptual message regarding inner spiritual struggle. Fans of Periphery, Killswitch Engage and Meshuggah will find plenty to love in this track. The music video truly lets the duo’s musical abilities shine, and features the one and only Aaron Stechauner (Rings of Saturn) on drums.

Kaipa – “Children of the Sounds”

Legendary Swedish progressive rockers Kaipa, led by mastermind Hans Lundin, recently announced the release of their new studio album Children of the Sounds for 22nd September 2017. Now they are pleased to reveal a lyric video for the album’s title track.

Phantom Elite – “Wasteland”

Phantom Elite hosts Brazilian singer Marina La Torraca (Avantasia Live), who just shook the metal world with the recent release of Exit Eden, a project with Amanda Somerville (Trillium, Avantasia), Anna Brunner and Clémentine Delauney (Visions of Atlantis). Together with Sander Gommans (ex-After Forever), Goof Veelen, Ted Wouters and Eelco Van der Meer (ex-Libris), Phantom Elite displays great talent with “Wasteland” by combining anthemic melodies with heavy grooves and a progressive touch. The single announces with full power the coming of their debut album in the second half of this year.

Red Eleven – “You’ve Been Warned”

Finnish alternative rockers Red Eleven have released a new single “You’ve Been Warned”. The group have gathered praises with their previous releases. “You’ve Been Warned” continues with the familiar melodic and metallic groovy sound. This is also the first single with the new line-up including Tero Luukkonen on guitar.

I Prevail – “Lifelines”

“Lifelines” shows I Prevail’s dynamic brand of rock, combining the grit of attack-oriented guitarwork and breakdowns, electronic key instrumentation, and the complementary dual vocalist performances provided by clean vocalist Brian Burkheiser and harsh vocalist Eric Vanlerberghe. “Lifelines” is a song about resilience and endurance through tough times, so it’s fitting that the video was shot in Detroit at the Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program, an organization which helps at-risk youth with educational tutoring and discipline through boxing.

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