Watch Rings Of Saturn playthrough new single “Inadequate”

With the release of this quintessential deathcore group’s fourth album Ultu Ulla only a month away, the band have released a playthrough of the first single “Inadequate”, featuring guitarists Lucas Mann and Miles Baker. The video can be found below.

A drum playthrough of the same single can be found on YouTube. Alternatively, if you’d rather listen to the actual track without the mesmerising flurry of instrumentation distracting you, it’s also online.

Mark Cooper of the aptly titled Mind Rape Art is the man to thank for the artwork that can be seen above. Once again Mark took it upon himself to capture the essence of the sound of the band in his cover, producing an interstellar showpiece. More of Mark’s work can found on his website. On the art, Mark says:

The general idea was to create a scene where gods from beyond time and space are invading 3D-reality and taking over.  They are chaotic beings that can take any form at will and manifest anything with their imaginations.

The album itself was split between Mann Studios (at which the guitars, bass and synth tracks were laid down), Krikbride Studios, (where the drums and vocals were recorded) and Studio 344 where it all came together in the mixing and mastering process. Pre-orders of the record are available now.

Ultu Ulla tracklist

1. Servant of this Sentience
2. Parallel Shift
3. Unhallowed
4. Immemorial Essence
5. The Relic
6. Margidda
7. Harvest
8. The Macrocosm
9. Prognosis Confirmed
10. Inadequate

Ultu Ulla hits the shelves on July 28th via Nuclear Blast Records.

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