Fractions premier new song *EXCLUSIVE*

Artwork by Very Metal Art

Fractions are a 5-piece heavy melodic metal band from Leicestershire, England. They have played with such bands as Mage, Internal Conflict, Resin, In Search Of Sun, Ramage Inc. plus many more. In May 2017, Fractions reached the final of Leicester’s Metal 2 The Masses which was held on the main stage at Uprising Festival at De Montfort Hall, and they shared this stage with the likes of Eastern Front, Lawnmower Deth and Primordial.

The single “Forces” is the title track from the forthcoming EP which is due to be released on 28th July and we are really proud to have the exclusive first play for you. First single from their first EP. If that’s not supporting the underground and unsigned, we don’t know what is! Photography throughout the video comes courtesy of Pete Lord-Murray, CackBlabbath and Uprising Festival.

“Forces” is written about one of vocalist Christopher Hare’s favourite TV shows. The band explains:

He’s got a habit of doing that. It’s a story of good and evil, and how even with an evil so prominent, if you stick together, good can and does come out of it; even if for a moment.

The track was already written before Hare had joined Fractions, but with his arrival and input it totally changed the feel of the song. We feel it’s a great introduction to Fractions. Fun, fast, catchy and big.

The new single can be viewed as a video showcasing various imagery. The on-stage photos are from their set at Uprising festival credited to cackblabbath and the official team. The band promo picture is taken by good friend and photographer Pete Murray, and the artwork for the forthcoming EP Forces is credited to Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art.

Forces EP track listing:

  1. Wolf Inside
  2. Beyond Infinity
  3. Radiant Wings
  4. Fabled (Interlude)
  5. The Owls Are Not What They Seem
  6. Forces

Fractions: facebook | twitter | instagram

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