Monday, May 25, 2020
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Monday Video Roundup: Theocracy, Dante’s Theory, Plague Throat, Branch Arterial, Nemecic, The Shiver

Happy last-day-of-Easter-holiday day. Hopefully you’re all sick of chocolate eggs for another year. Don’t throw them up while you bop to this lot…

Theocracy – “Easter”

We should probably have popped this one up yesterday as it’s pretty much written for Easter Sunday. Yes it’s Christian Metal (but so’s WASP these days) and yes, it’s a bit preachy with a rather gospel feel to the end… but it’s pretty damn good track and we aim to cater to all tastes here. Let’s face it, if we can put up Satanic black metal then surely it’s fair that we let the other side have a shot now and again?

“Easter” is from Theocracy’s recent album Ghost Ship.

Dante’s Theory – “Iron Coffin”

Dante’s Theory have released their latest official lyric video and it’s a mix of Malay and English – pretty refreshing and fun. Check it out if you’re into fast and crushing death metal. Singapore is becoming a strong country for metal, evidently!

Plague Throat – “Fallible Transgression”

Indian death metal kings Plague Throat unleash their first official video from their upcoming album on Transcending Obscurity India (sub-label). Every kid in the scene in India not only knows the band but has also probably watched the band live… watched them annihilate. Their brand of death metal is, for the lack of a better word, practical – it’s got everything you need.

Branch Arterial – “Circus”

Melbourne’s Branch Arterial are returning to the fore today to bring their brand new music to the world. New music that has come literally from Beyond the Border of life and death.

They are returning with the first taste of that album with new single “Circus”. On the track, Nigel Jackson sings about his harrowing experience in hospital battling a life threatening blood disease – “Feels like I’m caught beneath the ocean, feeling like I can’t breath, feeling I’m in a dream.”

Nemecic – “Smoke Electric”

Jyväskylä, Finland -based metal group Nemecic unleashes a digital single accompanied by a lyric video by Anssi Korhonen with artwork by the band’s drummer Niko Anttila. The song, titled “Smoke Electric”, serves as the first taste from the group’s autumn 2017 debut album, which will be released through Inverse Records.

The Shiver – “Adeline”

The Shiver, a female alt rock quartet formed in 2005, plays a unique blend of dark, beat-heavy rock with spikes of Electro/Ambient. Their new album called Adeline was released on April 4th 2017. The release was accompanied with a lyric video for their track “Adeline”.

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