Falling In Reverse release video for new album title track

To follow on from our review of Falling In Reverse’s new album Coming Home, check out the title track in this new video. For another sample, you can also listen to the song “Loser” that they released in January, or “Broken” which they dropped last month.

Frontman Ronnie Radke has this to say about the title track’s video:

This video is an analogy of the dichotomies between my personal life and my public life — a lonely traveler content on fulfilling the dreams he set out on, but missing out on everything he has at home. A bittersweet duality.

Coming Home is out this Friday, April 7th and can be pre-ordered on Amazon [sponsored links]: [amazon text=Download&asin=B01N22FK6A] / [amazon text=Download (deluxe edition)&asin=B01N6QYYSR] / [amazon text=CD (w/ bonus track)&asin=B01N36SNZV]

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