Wednesday Video Roundup: Traits, Avatar, Northern Blues, As A Conceit, Touched By Ghoul, For I Am

Midweek and time to enter the downhill phase. Pop it into neutral and coast along to this bunch…

Traits – “Fed To Me”

“Oi oi @MoshTimes would be great if you could give our video a looksie”. Yeah, OK then. This is the first video to be released by Leeds-based punkers Traits.

Avatar – “New Land”

Avatar of Sweden have released a statement on the recent discovery of TRAPPIST-1, also designated as 2MASS J23062928-0502285. The band plans to visit the newly named solar system immediately. Check out their journey to the “New Land” here…

Northern Blues – “Through Me”

Northern Blues is a Copenhagen-based hardcore quartet. The album is the revelation of lead singer William De Bourghs psychological condition. Suffering from severe anxiety, the songs refer to an imaginary person, who is present at all times. What seems like the early stages of schizophrenia, has now been embraced by the band, and been made to be the focal point of the debut album.

As A Conceit – “A Should With A Must (Live Session)”

After releasing one gut punch of a full-length on December, 2nd of 2016, As A Conceit are here with a live recorded session of “A Should with A Must” from the debut full-length album titled Frown Upon Us.

Touched By Ghoul – “Immaculate Consumption”

Chicago quartet Touched By Ghoul share a creepy, thrilling new video today for a track from their recently released debut album Murder Circus.

For I Am – “(Make It Out) Alive”

Pop punkers For I Am are soon to unleash their first debut full album All About Perspectives into the world. Before doing so the Belgian fivesome is releasing a new video clip for “(Make It Out) Alive”, which will be featured on the album.

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