Sunday Video Roundup: Root, Veridian, Lakeshore, Night Demon, Basement Torture Killings, The Doomsday Kingdom

Time to clear the slate for Monday’s influx of new titles! Blimey, we get so much good stuff through here…

Root – “Moment Of Fright”

Czech heavy/black metal heroes Root have unleashed a video for the song “Moment Of Fright”, taken from their last album Kärgeräs – Return From Oblivion (released in November on Agonia Records).

Veridian – “Sleep A Little Better”

Rousing UK alt-rockers Veridian are delighted to announce their debut EP 40826D after signing with fresh new label Primordial Records. In celebration of the news, the band are also streaming new single “Sleep a Little Better”.

Lakeshore – “History”

Lakeshore is an active rock band from New Fairfield, CT, headed by brothers Ben and Joe Lionetti (guitarist and drummer) who originally founded the metalcore giants Emmure. The band has deep roots in music and combines a very powerful and melodic sound with a fresh new touch, unlike any other.

Night Demon – “Welcome To The Night”

California Metal outfit Night Demon are pleased to unveil the first offering from the band’s upcoming Sophomore record Darkness Remains, which comes in the form of a brand new music video for the track “Welcome To The Night”.

Basement Torture Killings – “The Rat Catcher”

It is with a degree of trepidation that Imperative PR announce the arrival of Basement Torture Killings to their roster. They have agreed to help them spread the sickness of their savage new album, There’s Something About Beryl. Luckily the album is an incredibly intense onslaught of stunning, extreme death metal, because these really aren’t the sort of people you want to say ‘no’ to. What these deeply disturbed individuals have created is an electrifying album of fearsome death and grind, fuelled by an uncontrollable obsession with torment, torture and death. In the dark world of ultra-extremity, BTK stand out like a mountainous bonfire of the burning dead.

The Doomsday Kingdom – “Hand Of Hell”

On April 7th, the self-titled debut album of The Doomsday Kingdom will unveil eight haunting doom metal tracks with a pinch of NWOBHM. The band, based around mastermind Leif Edling (Candlemass, Avatarium) reveals its second single and the lyric video for “Hand Of Hell”.

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