Lyric Video Roundup: Aktaion, Hate, Mass Sky Raid, Malkavian, Distorted Harmony, Synaptik

Little Sunday bonus for you – a bunch of lyric videos we didn’t get around to featuring last week. Kick back and enjoy!

Aktaion – “Cancer (feat. Joey Concepcion)”

Having recently released their brand new single “Cancer” a couple of weeks back, which was inspired by the First World War poems of Wilfred Owen; Halmstad, Sweden based metallers Aktaion have now unveiled a new lyric video. Commissioned by Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art, the single also features a guest solo from Armageddon’s guitar virtuoso Joey Concepcion.

Hate – “Asuric Being (Edit)”

Beware! The sheer amount of fierceness on Hate’s upcoming album, Tremendum, is beyond anything these Polish extreme black / death metallers have ever done before! Fast and well-defined songs set a new standard in the band’s songwriting, while the structure of the songs let you submerge in them as soon as you press play.

Mass Sky Raid – “Sacrifice”

Sound the Sirens! Mass Sky Raid are returning to drop their new track “Sacrifice”. The band have returned from the trenches of the studio where they have fought many hard-won battles in order bring home their prize – their debut full-length album, that will see it’s release later in 2017.

Malkavian – “Encryption Process”

French thrash metal collective Malkavian have just shared a lyric video for the track “Encryption Process” off the band’s forthcoming second album Annihilating the Shades. The album is out on March 31st.

Distorted Harmony – “Misguided”

“Misguided” is a track from Distorted Harmony’s second album Chain Reaction (2014), presented here in a new lyric video.

Synaptik – “The Incredible Machine”

Norwich, UK prog metallers SynaptiK launched their sophomore studio album entitled Justify & Reason at the end of last week. The follow-up to their 2014’s debut The Mechanisms of Consequence can be ordered via the band’s official webstore in various packages. Along with the release of Justify & Reason, SynaptiK are premiering a lyric video for “The incredible Machine” taken from the new album.

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