Monday Video Roundup: Body Count, Liberty Lies, Shade Empire, Demon Hunter, Alter Eden, Catch Fire

One of two batches of videos for you today, culled from email, twitter, facebook and down the back of the fridge.

Body Count – “No Lives Matter”

We can’t wait for new album, Bloodlust, to hit us on March 31st. In the meantime, here’s a typically abrasive and angry number from Ice-T and his more metallic backing band.

Liberty Lies – “Fracture (UK Tour Montage)”

Following their recent tour with lots of bands whose names all begin with “S”, Liberty Lies popped this little number online made up of live footage.

Shade Empire – “Anti-Life Saviour”

Finnish metallers Shade Empire have unveiled a music video for their newest single “Anti-Life Saviour”. The ten minute epic video showcases the Finns at their best and matches the whole atmosphere of the track perfectly. With orchestrations courtesy of Olli Savolainen and the deafening growls of Juha Harju, this is a track that fans of Carach Angren and similar bands should check out.

Demon Hunter – “Died In My Sleep”

American metallers Demon Hunter are currently in the process of gearing up to release their 8th full length Outlive. This past Friday, the band premiered the music video for their new track “Died In My Sleep”. Commenting on the new video, vocalist Ryan Clark had this to say:

The video treatment for “Died In My Sleep” was more about an overall vibe than a specific story. The goal was to strip the concept back to strictly performance, but still deliver something visually interesting. Instead of opting for the typical desaturated tones that have become synonymous with metal videos, we pulled inspiration from the vibrant colors found in many of our favorite videos and photographs from the ’90s — namely Nirvana’s video for “Heart-Shaped Box” and the album cover for Alice In Chains’ Facelift.

Alter Eden – “We’ve Had Enough”

Alter Eden are delighted to announce their new EP Tigers & Lambs has dropped and is available everywhere. To add an extra slice of Alter Eden goodness, they have also released a brand new video for the track “We’ve Had Enough”.

Catch Fire – “Sylvester”

Following last night’s premiere on the Radio 1 Rock Show, Nottingham pop punks Catch Fire have released a new video for track “Sylvester”.

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