Thursday Video Roundup: Tell No One, Metal Allegiance, Pulled Apart By Horses, Nidingr

At the rate we’re getting new videos, we might have to start running two updates a day! If only we had the time… I guess you’ll have to make do with our pick of four of the recent releases.

Tell No One – “Omaha Beach”

I can’t find out that much about this band, which is a shame as this is a corker of a new track. So I’ll just let you kick back and wrap your ears and eyes around the video…

Metal Allegiance – “Pledge of Allegiance”

Metal Allegiance gathered last Friday at the City National Grove of Anaheim for an unforgettable tribute to fallen heroes. Hosted by Jackson, Charvel & EVH as well as sponsored by Loudwire, Monster Energy and Musician’s Institute, the night was filled with many special performances as well as an appearance and early birthday celebration for Ray Burton. Today, the band released an exclusive 360 video of the opening song of the night “Pledge Of Allegiance”.

This night marked the first time in a year that the core four (David Ellefson, Alex Skolnick, Mark Menghi, and Mike Portnoy) have played together.

Pulled Apart By Horses – “Hotel Motivation”

Pulled Apart By Horses have revealed a new music video for “Hotel Motivation”, the latest noise-pop anthem to be revealed from their forthcoming album, The Haze, due for release March 17th via Caroline International.

Nidingr – “On Dead Body Shore”

Nidingr is a band that let themselves grow naturally over time and when they release and album it’s in good belief that it’ll be a great contribution to the top tier world of metal music.

They are now releasing their fourth album in 2017, titled The High Heat Licks Against Heaven, an album drenched in Norse mythology, and names from the younger and older Edda appears throughout in the lyrics. The album drifts in the middle of black and death metal, but with the Norse theme it creates a unique and fresh breath of sound. To put it mildly, this is a brutal and honest metal record.

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