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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Sunday Video Roundup: Imminence, Emerald Mind, Uniform, Scream

We’ve got a huge amount of interviews, gig reviews and photos to get online for you so bear with us while I throw four videos your direction in the meantime…

Imminence – “This Is Goodbye”

Swedish alternative rock/metal outfit Imminence have released the music video for their brand new song “This Is Goodbye”. They have also started the pre-order for their new album of the same name via Arising Empire/SharpTone Records. Eddie Berg, singer of Imminence, comments:

The new album is about the prowess of leaving something behind in order to make room for something else. It can be anything from relationships, pride, reason, fears or faiths, a use or abuse. It symbolises the sacrifices we make for our ambitions and emotions. For Imminence, it is also a direct reference to the changes we’ve gone through as a band and lifting the restrictions of genre definitions to create something out of pure passion and inspiration. The lyrical themes spring from my soul, my most inner thoughts and struggles and the emotive prison I built for myself.

Emerald Mind – “Astronaut In Her Space”

Emerald Mind plays a unique mixture of power and progressive metal with one of the most professional female vocalists on the Russian metal scene, Svetlana Vysotskaya.

The band have released a new video for the song “Astronaut In Her Space” from their second album Civilization. This song draws parallels between the depths of the universe and a human mind. One person explores the other one like a spaceship, drifting through space. Anyway even if you are far from philosophy you can just enjoy powerful riffs, catchy melodies and exceptional vocals of beautiful Svetlana!

Uniform – “The Killing of America”

Uniform hit us with their powerful new video (directed by Yussef Cole) for “The Killing of America”, the recent and second single from the NYC duo’s full-length, Wake In Fright out last week on Sacred Bones. The band explains:

Released to a limited audience in 1982, Leonard Schrader and Sheldon Renan’s documentary The Killing of America served to paint a stark portrait about the realities of gun violence in the United States at that time.

In the 35 years since the film’s inception, the statistics regarding firearm deaths in this country have not improved. Highly influenced by Isao Hashimoto’s piece on nuclear weapons titled 1945 – 1998, our video intends to present basic figures surrounding a complicated subject. We do not wish to moralize and we offer no answers. Instead, we ask the viewer to use this data as an aid towards formulating their own conclusions.

Scream – “Politics is Entertainment”

As a massive shift in power takes place in the US this week, the members of influential Washington, DC-based hardcore/punk outfit Scream have issued a brand new video for a previously-unreleased protest track, “Politics Is Entertainment”. This comes as Southern Lord announce the impending remixed reissue of the band’s No More Censorship LP.

The band found the original multi-track tapes and Southern Lord had them baked/prepped for a remix at Grohls’ 606 Studio. The new mix sounds vital and intense; the entire packaging, layout, and design will be completely different from the original, with the inclusion of photos, lyrics, poetry, and other personal writings from the band during that era, collected in an extensive booklet. Stand by for an official street date, pre-orders, and more in the coming weeks.

Coinciding with the news of the impending reissue of No More Censorship, Scream protests the inauguration of Donald Trump with the release of a previously-unreleased track, “Politics Is Entertainment”, which is now issued through a newly-constructed video by guitarist Franz Stahl. The song features Scott Garrett on drums, and will not appear on the upcoming reissue of the No More Censorship album.

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