Wednesday Video Roundup: Wolfheart, Celeb Car Crash, Elbråno, Reckoning Hour

You know when you get to the middle of the week and you’re knackered and just want to collapse in a chair, have your lunch and soak up some new tunes? Yeah… that. You’re welcome.

Wolfheart – “Boneyard”

Wolfheart have just released a new single of gorgeous Finnish winter metal through Spotify. The single carries the name “Boneyard” and it continues the path of an even more aggressive, faster, darker and colder Wolfheart. It’s culled from Tyhjyys (Finnish for “emptiness”), the band’s third album through Spinefarm, which will be released on March 3rd 2017.

On the evidence of “Boneyard”, we’re already excited…

Celeb Car Crash – “Enemy’s Desire”

Alternative rock band Celeb Car Crash have released the official music video for their track “Enemy’s Desire” from their critically acclaimed new album People Are The Best Show. The “Enemy’s Desire” video is based on the most classical archetypes, but is still impactful: a starter, a couple, a “witness”, and a linear path dealing with life, encounters, obstacles, and supernatural events which hinder the main characters, hope, and the end. The video was made in Italy with the typical xenophilic taste the band has developed since their musical beginning.

The opening scene was shot with the aid of a drone, while all the rest in unique sequence shots. A single take, filmed at dawn on November 2nd (“All Souls’ Day”), was completed in slow motion and a few digital effects were added in post-production. Classe’s Lido, the seaside, and its pine grove are the setting to this video.

Elbråno – “Euphoria Warrior”

From 3 polar opposite musical backgrounds, Elbråno experiments with the rhythmic aspects of death & black metal, layered across hard rock and blues from a range of paces to mould diverse and intense atmospheres.

In 2012, Marios Kalantzakis (bass guitar / backing vocals), Alex Akselberg (lead singer / guitars) and Bruno Tolosa (drums) got lost in a deep debate related to their different musical influences and that night the decision was made to collaborate and combine their musical influences in the rehearsal room.

We are excited to release our new single “Euphoria Warrior” to kick start our upcoming launch of Agora, our conceptual debut album due to be released on 24th Feb 2017. “Euphoria Warrior” describes the mask worn by many in order to conform to a systematic and emotionless society to reach a superficial well-being.

Reckoning Hour – “Dead Man Walking”

Reckoning Hour is ready to finally drop their latest music video for “Dead Man Walking”. After releasing their full length in April, the Brazilian metal band headed out on tour supporting Children of Bodom as their opening act, and followed up the impressive feat by also attending Hell In Rio, one of the biggest metal festivals in South America, earlier this year.

To top the successful year off, the band put together a music video made up of various clips recorded during those shows with Children of Bodom, and thus created the music video for “Dead Man Walking”, which showcases a heavier and less melodic side of the band, surely what got them to gather crowds and landed them a spot in one of the biggest Brazilian festivals there are, alongside acts such as Sepultura. Guitarist Philip also elaborated on the video:

Reckoning Hour came up with the idea of a settling of scores, a heavy dose of reality in the lives of people who have lost sight of their true path. This video is dedicated to the opposition, to those who are willing to do anything to see you fail, but in the end, they’re nothing more than memories.

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