Tuesday Video Roundup: October Tide, Sleeptalk, Roadbound, Exploding Head Syndrome

After a hectic couple of days on the site, and with the school year drawing to a close, I think I need to kick back a bit. Here’s today’s new stuff that I’ll be tapping my toes to…

October Tide – “Reckless Abandon”

Swedish melancholic death doomers October Tide premiere a music video for the song “Reckless Abandon”, taken from their latest album Winged Waltz. The video was directed by Bloudengaztia Wolfgang at Dronicon Films.

Sleeptalk – “Indio, California”

LA space-rock quintet Sleeptalk has inked a deal with Gold Standard Records. The group celebrated the signing by premiering a music video for their new single “Indio California”. The video, which was directed and shot by Shadow Born Group, portrays the idea of not being afraid to express yourself and to always know there is light at the end of the tunnel. The lyrics, however, are inspired by an annual concert series that the band regularly attends. Vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick explains:

“Indio, California” is a love song. The song is based off experiences at the Coachella Music Festival. Every year myself and a large group of friends gather together and camp out at the festival. When you step onto those Polo fields you instantly gain this positive/beautiful energy, It feels like that is the only place in the world. “Indio, California” is about those experiences. The type of experiences everyone longs for.

Roadbound – “Stay”

The Belgian rock band Roadbound is releasing its debut single “Stay”. Roadbound was formed by members of Evil Invaders (Nico Wilder) and Komah (Nicholas Brynin), taking an entirely new direction in writing and performing at the crossroad where pop, rock and metal meet.

“Stay” is about a turbulent breakup, for which the band has specifically chosen to release the video clip in December, when the grey skies of the northern hemisphere perfectly match the tune’s melancholy. It tells how love, a vivid, strong but fragile feeling can lead to situations beyond our control and how they can lead to dramatic consequences. The timeless Shakespearian tragedy that affects many of us at some times in our lives.

Exploding Head Syndrome – “End Game”

Exploding Head Syndrome are proud to announce the release of the official video for the song “End Game”, taken from World Crashes Down.

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