Sunday Video Roundup: The Gloria Story, Frost, Avalanche Party, Stick To Your Guns

Day of rest? No rest for the wicked…

The Gloria Story – “Live & Acoustic”

Something a little different to kick off with. Sweden’s The Gloria Story are due out on the road with The Quireboys next week and to give you lot an idea of what to expect, they’ve put together this video. As well as a bit of documentary, it features three songs!

Frost – “Signs”

Frost released their long-awaited new album Falling Satellites in May, and followed it with a run of live dates in June & July. The band have launched a brand new video for the track “Signs”, filmed during those live dates. They’re back in the UK for three dates in April 2017.

Avalanche Party – “Solid Gold”

Having just released their new single “Solid Gold” on 2nd December via Amazing Singles Club, North-Yorkshire garage-punks Avalanche Party are pleased to reveal a cinematic new video for the track. Commenting on the visuals, the band say they are pleased to present:

…an adaptation of that most noble and heroic wedge of human folklore – ‘The Struggle’.

The struggle to prevail.

The struggle to spread true positivity.

The struggle to kick against the grot of the world.

The struggle has been portrayed throughout the history of world cinema, from Kurosawa to Tarantino, from Spartacus to Mary Poppins and here we are adding our sweet Damsons to the top of the cake. In a world where money rules uber alles and the greedy and callous shout loudest, we would like this video to serve as a reminder of the power you have in your own hands.

Stick To Your Guns – “Better Ash Than Dust”

Orange County hardcore band Stick To Your Guns has debuted a brand new video for their song “Better Ash Than Dust”. The song is the title track from the band’s recently released EP that is available now from Pure Noise Records.

Never ones to mince words, Stick To Your Guns takes a bold political and social stand against racism, police brutality, corporate greed, complacency and overall American gluttony at the expense of others in their seething new video for “Better Ash Than Dust”. Vocalist Jesse Barnett goes into detail:

With the eyes of the world on what is happening in North Dakota and the Dakota Access Pipeline, I think this a perfect time to release this video. So much of what is happening to the indigenous people of what we call America is not only horrifying, but down right unacceptable. This is not just an injustice against these people, their land and their water, but it’s a perfect example of how what we call a civilized society can, more often than not, be barbaric and disgusting. The support that the whole world has shown for Standing Rock has been and inspiring thing to watch and this band stands in solidarity with them.

In support, Stick To Your Guns, Pure Noise Records and Good Fight Entertainment will each be donating a dollar per share, up to a thousand dollars each, to Standing Rock front line warriors. Beyond this, there is a lot more people can do to get involved. Go to to find out how.

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