Friday Video Roundup: Sepultura, EvylTyde, Endxs, Re-Armed

Even those of you who didn’t finish early for the holidays should be coasting towards a long weekend now. We’ll be having a day off on the 25th (and likely a slow down into the new year) but as long as we have videos queued up, we’ll be chucking them your way!

Sepultura – “Phantom Self”

Brazilian heavy metal icons Sepultura will unleash their upcoming studio album, Machine Messiah, on January 13th through Nuclear Blast. With their new music video “Phantom Self” they provide another thrilling look into their 14th studio release, delivering haunting images and socio-cultural criticism in this clip directed by Mauricio Eça. Andreas Kisser explains further:

“Phantom Self” starts with a short intro based on the Brazilian rhythm “Maracatú”, originally from the northeast region of Brazil. We mixed this very Brazilian sound with violins performed by a Tunisian violin ensemble, the Myriad Orchestra. This was a suggestion from Jens Bogren, the producer of the album, who worked with this orchestra before and he thought it could be a nice combination. We used the violins on different parts of the song and that opened a lot of new possibilities, especially for my guitar parts. It was great to have that conversation between guitar and violins making the part even more special. It’s a very heavy song, with a lot of groove, one of the most complete songs we ever worked with and it’s taking Sepultura to a new level!

Singer Derrick Green adds

The lyrical idea came from an article that Andreas sent me. It was about a young man who had everything going for him and unfortunately was in a horrific car accident in the 70’s. After the accident he lost his entire idea of who he was. No one could figure out what was going on inside his mind. He would have glimpses of his former self but doctors realized that chemical elements of his mind had shifted. He had become an entirely different person within himself. There is this element of change that exists within all of us. This ability is important for our evolution as human beings to move forward even after traumatic events.

Evyltyde – “Disappear”

From the ridiculous(ly heavy) to the sublime, Evyltyde recorded this video a year ago, apparently, but it’s only now getting an airing. Worth the wait, frankly.

Endxs – “Journey (feat.Karol Stanczak)”

A fledgling melodic metalcore act from London, I’m reliably (ish – it was Katie who told me) informed that this is their first ever video. Keep it up, chaps! They’re unsigned, so if you want to give them some more attention or sign them or something, you can find them on facebook.

Re-Armed – “Lullaby of Obedience”

Finnish melodic death/thrash metallers Re-Armed have released an official video for “Lullaby of Obedience”, a track from new album The Era of Precarity. The video was filmed with GoPro and the clips therein are taken from The Era of Precarity tour.

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