Friday Video Roundup: Alkaloid, Aphyxion, Ghost of Mary, Memoreve

It’s not usual for me to type these up just before posting – they’re usually pre-scheduled – but things are getting busier here all the time! Hopefully today’s collection are as good as usual despite the rush…

Alkaloid – “Cthulhu”

Recently signed German and Dutch progressive extremists, Alkaloid have unveiled a spectacular video for the track “Cthulhu” taken from their self-released debut The Malkuth Grimoire (2015). The sinister clip, featuring the great pyramids, a cobra, and pure darkness, was shot on location in Cairo, Egypt.

Aphyxion – “Same Kind of Different”

Aphyxion, who to this day, still are the youngest band to have played at Wacken Open Air, and Copenhell, are releasing their brand new album called Aftermath – which was created in collaboration with Jacob Hansen (Volbeat and many more). Now the band is releasing a music video for their last single “Same Kind of Different”, to celebrate their album release.

Ghost of Mary – “Shades”

Ghost of Mary plays melodic death metal with symphonic and orchestral elements borrowed from classical music. The band, active from the early months of 2014, recorded its first concept album Oblivaeon, an original allegory about life and death. The compositions are structured with progressive architectures and immersed in a dark atmosphere. The songwriting is articulated and distinctly melodic, characterized by a heavy metal rhythm section and swedish death guitar riffs. The voice alternates different styles, from screaming and growling vocals to clean and scratched ones. The orchestral scores of piano, violin, viola and cello make the music of Ghost of Mary an evocative journey through time.

Memoreve – “Alleviate”

With the plaudits for their debut EP Insignia continuing to roll in, British prog metal maestros Memoreve are not taking it easy. Far from it, they are continuing their efforts to get their music out to as many people as possible, and the next step in that process is the bands’ brand new music video.

The clip is for the last song on the Insignia EP, “Alleviate”, and captures the mood of the song very effectively, in a very visual manner. Lots of different superlatives could be used to describe it, but the best thing to do would be to watch the video right now!

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