UK EXCLUSIVE – November-7’s new live video for “Angel”

Formed in 2005, November-7 are known for their powerful combination of industrial metal, chunky guitar riffs and melodic vocals. Between 2006 and 2010 they released several records and DVDs and in 2011 they launched their first full-length studio album, Season 3 (Daily Rock Records / Musikvertrieb) mixed by the legendary Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Within Temptation, Deathstars).

november-7-band-photoThe record received tremendous feedback both from the international media and the fans. November-7 opened for well-established artists such as Marilyn Manson, Within Temptation, Sabaton, Paradise Lost and Lacuna Coil.

Fast forward 10 years to their celebratory concert which took place November 7th 2015 at Salle Ta’tou in Cornaux, Switzerland; the band is now releasing exclusive footage from the show. Their latest live video for “Angel”, released today, is chosen from their first album and marks a very special release for the band and one which is close to their heart.

The song makes reference to our guardian angels who watch over us but are in fact quite indifferent to our sorrows and cries for help. This theme is also prominent in their last full-length release Awaraxid 7mg (2014). The band states that:

There are so many people that are not happy with their life and what’s even worse is that being unhappy is considered to be a natural consequence of adulthood. We think that we all bear the privilege and the burden of realizing our true self…

November-7: officialfacebook | youtube

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