Thursday Video Roundup: Mallory Knox, Moth Wings, Dangers, Retro Youth

Never a shortage of quality music and visuals to throw your way! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, people…

Mallory Knox – “Giving It Up”

Mallory Knox reveal the new video for “Giving It Up”, the first single to be lifted from their third album Wired, released March 10th on RCA. The band have also announced a UK tour for 2017. Dates and ticket links are on the band’s website.

Moth Wings – “I Used To Hate Myself”

The lo-fi, Texas-based artist Moth Wings has released a new music video for his latest single “I Used To Hate Myself.” The fast-paced, self-loathing track is accompanied by a dingy, 90’s style video that vocalist Spencer Fort refers to as an “anti-video”. He has this to say:

The first time I saw a music video I thought it was distracting and overbearing. I never really watched them as I grew up with music. I did however slowly watch it take over the industry and become seemingly more important than the song playing underneath. When it came down to this particular song, I wanted to make sure I didn’t play to the overproduced visual world we know now, and decided to strip it down to its bare bone. That’s why it’s as ridiculous and lo fi of a video as it is. Anything more would have just been hollow.

Dangers – “Kiss With Spit”

Los Angeles’ Dangers have released a video for The Bend in the Break single, “Kiss With Spit”. The video, directed by Ricky Lesser and Mitch Wells, sees the band breaking down all barriers between them and their audience. Vocalist Al Brown IV has this to say:

This entire record is about inhabiting interstitial spaces — physical, psychological, and emotional states which exist between two poles. This song in particular is about the landscape between love and pain, sex and violence, masculinity and femininity, heterosexuality and homosexuality, aggression and tenderness, the gamut of which we regularly experience during our shows. How strange is it that anywhere else I would be enraged, but that during our shows I can be punched, hit, spit on and leave feeling as though something wonderful just happened?

Retro Youth – “Hometown Homesick”

UK rock trio Retro Youth have revealed the video for their brand new single “Hometown Homesick”, a taste of their debut album B.R.A.V.E which is due for release in early 2017 via American label Independent Ear Records. The band had this to say:

We’re so stoked to be finally sharing with everyone what we’ve been working on the last 12 months. “Hometown Homesick” is a bittersweet one for us and it represents those feelings of everything you know changing around you, not recognising your friends or the place you grew up in anymore and wanting more out of life, to thrive and not just survive.

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