Monday Video Roundup: Kevlar, Kaos Krew, Trojans, Grave Pleasures

A month to go until the holiday season really kicks in. Time to get festive!

Nah, kidding. Here’s some proper music…

Kevlar – “Alibis”

Pennsylvania hard rock band Kevlar has released the official music video for their newest single “Alibis.” Directed by Zach Kubiak and shot on location in Erie, PA, “Alibis” was produced by Nick Sampson at 37 Studios in Detroit, MI. Kevlar had this to say about the music and video:

We couldn’t be happier working with such amazing people on this song and this video. We feel that Alibis is our strongest material to date. It is something that we’re incredibly proud of and we can’t wait to share with the world.

Kaos Krew – “End My Pride”

Kaos Krew has released a single and a music video “End My Pride” from their upcoming 2017 album Returno. Kaos Krew are from Pietarsaari Finland. They started as a one man project back in 2005 and have evolved to the six piece band that exists today. The band’s music can be described as “crossover metal” based on heavy riffs with the addition of synthesizers and loops from the industrial scene.

Trojans – “Dead Eyed Stare”

Sydney metalcore legends Trojans have releases their video for hard-out single “Dead Eyed Stare”. The track will be available for purchase online in all good outlets on November 25th.

“Dead Eyed Stare” is a song about depression and the lives of the people who suffer every day with the horrible affliction. The track’s lyrics address the sufferer’s constant thoughts of suicide and life’s monotony – and the will and sheer strength required to beat it.

The video follows main character (actor Dosey Smith) waking up in an abandoned hospital. Being chased by Death (actress Rachel Greenwood). Dosey becomes distraught after not being able to escape the hospital until he sees Life (actress Esther Link) walk past. He then follows Life, who then guides him through and out of the Hospital. Death keeps trying to tempt him to stay but he finds the strength to break free and finally find his way out to find his Peace. The clip is a metaphor for people struggling with their demons of depression and suicidal thoughts – and encourages them to find the light in their life and that they can get through it to find peace.

Directed, filmed and edited by Jacob Pattinson, the clip was shot with full permission and access to the location – an abandoned Mental hospital in the Blue Mountains – The Queen Victoria sanitarium.

Grave Pleasures – “Deadenders”

Finland’s apocalyptic post punks Grave Pleasures (spawned from the internationally acclaimed, Beastmilk) released a new 7” EP Funeral Party last Friday 18th November, via frontman Mat McNerney’s own Secret Trees record label. Mat McNerney tells us:

We’re surfing the apocalypse again and this time with the reverb button back on. Back to the new old sound and back to a Finnish lineup. Now we’ve returned to the bunkers and are handling some radioactive new material for the next album. The new stuff is a nuclear fusion of our Beastmilk past with Climax and the beast(sic) parts of Grave Pleasures’ Dreamcrash album. This new 7” is a small detonation of that new material and released in an exclusive way, to reward our fans for sticking with us. It’s great to be back making another short format release on 7” just like the early days with Beastmilk. To complete your ‘end of the world’ celebratory package, we have put together a funeral party karaoke video so you can sing along to your doom. An underground uproar with a funeral party beat, we’re definitely dancing with the dead again.

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