Monday Video Roundup: Einherjer, JIBE, Lebenssucht, Martyrdöd

Rock never stops… even on a Monday. Kick-start your week with a nice dose of real music…

Einherjer – “Ballad of the Swords”

Einherjer this week released their new single and music video “Ballad Of The Swords”. The video and illustrations were done by the incredibly talented Costin Chioreanu.

JIBE – “The Human Condition”

Legendary Dallas, Texas Rock band JIBE have returned from their long hiatus with a lyric video for the title track off their upcoming LP, The Human Condition. Produced by Matt Noveskey and mixed by Grammy award winning producer/engineer Toby Wright at Orb Recording Studios in Austin, TX, the record features ten blistering rock tracks that take the listener on an uncertain voyage of all-encompassing highs… and self-indulgent lows.

Lebenssucht – “Beloved Depression”

Lebenssucht are a dark/depressive black metal band with members based in Germany/ Bulgaria/ Belgium. The band recently released their music video for the track “Beloved Depression” taken from their EP Fucking My Knife that was released via Abstruse Eerie Radiance on July 9th. The band has members from Humanitas Error Est, Yhdarl, Maladie, Absolutus and one from ex- Enthroned, ex-Necroblaspheme. The band’s front woman S Caedes says:

Well, feelings have no concept, feelings just happen to you. And this is what the song is made of; pain, despair and the need to drown in this sticky darkness. To be able to enjoy, even when it hurts. This is our absolute.

Note that the video is somewhat NSFW in a black and white, knife in the genitals kind of a way.

Martyrdöd – “Harmagedon”

Martyrdöd, the unparalleled Swedish giants of modern metallic d-beat, share the official video for the track “Harmagedon”, the maiden single from List, their crushing sixth full-length (Southern Lord, 25th November). Of the “Harmagedon” video, Martyrdöd collectively proclaim:

This song pays homage to all people that keep on fighting against all odds. Against supreme annihilating oppression. It’s a song of these current times.

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