Sunday Video Roundup: Annisokay, Into The Fire, The Amatory Murder, Alpha Wolf

If you’re at the Manchester PlayExpo today, keep your peepers peeled for our Editor in Chief who’ll be out exercising his nerdier side…

Annisokay – “Loud”

German modern metal 5-piece Annisokay have released the video for their new single “Loud”. The track is the second single from the upcoming album Devil May Care which will be released on the 11th November 2016 via Long Branch Records.

Into the Fire – “Spit You Out”

Following the release of their self titled debut EP (which we flipping loved), Into The Fire has unleashed their first visual assault, the new music video “Spit You Out”. Described as modern, stripped back, hard rock, “Spit You Out”‘s video is the perfect accompaniment to the huge sonics on offer here.

The Amatory Murder – “The Deadliest Rose”

Alternative rock band The Amatory Murder have released a music video “The Deadliest Rose” off of their upcoming album Neurotica, which is set to release this fall. The track is available to buy via Bandcamp.

Alpha Wolf – “Nail Biter”

Alpha Wolf have just dropped their filmclip for a huge new track “Nail Biter”. Heavy and dissonant, some may find Alpha Wolf’s attitude honest whereas others may find it crude. Alpha Wolf make music for themselves, to tell their own saddening tales and deliver it in the only way they know how.

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