Sunday Video Roundup: Blasphemer, Fates Warning, Gravemind, Sixty Miles Ahead

Here’s a couple to blow those hangover cobwebs away…

Blasphemer – “You Are Nothing”

Italy’s Blasphemer tears through flesh with the recently-launched video for “You Are Nothing.”

Taken from the forthcoming Ritual Theophagy, “You Are Nothing” is a relentless barrage of sacrilege and hatred for the divine. The video’s occultic imagery accurately depicts that contempt.

Fates Warning – “Seven Stars”

In promotion of their much acclaimed new album Theories Of Flight, U.S. Progressive Metal pioneers Fates Warning are debuting their promotional video for the song “Seven Stars”. Fates Warning vocalist Ray Alder checked in with the following comment about the video:

We are happy to debut the new video for “Seven Stars” from our latest album “Theories Of Flight”. This song is very special to me. The lyrics for this song were the first that I had written for the new album. I knew that my life was changing, I had met my lovely (now) wife who lived in Madrid, Spain and she was the inspiration for this song. I knew that I would be moving to Madrid soon, so the lyrics tended to come very organically. That theme would develop more as the writing progressed. Stories of change and moving on. Living life really. I found the flag of Madrid quite interesting. Seven white stars surrounded by red…Hence the inspiration for the title. I figured I would give a little tour of the city in the video since I’m now here. Enjoy!

Gravemind – “The Death Of Teyolia”

Melbourne’s Deathcore 6-piece Gravemind have just released their brand new single “The Death of Teyolia” – a caustic, ripping track that tells the story of Teyolia, an Aztec woman torn from the arms of her lover by enemy tribesmen.

Gravemind have created a lyric video for the track which tells the crux of the story from their lyrics and the accompanying visuals. The story will be fleshed out even further, when the band release the digital comic book – that they created along with some incredible friends – that goes alongside this song closer to the single’s release date.

Sixty Miles Ahead – “Every Time I Try”

Milan, Italy’s hard rock heroes Sixty Miles Ahead have premiered a new music video for the song “Every Time I Try”. The video was directed by Francesco Sogaro of Nuove Tecniche Multimedia, and filmed in Treviso, Italy. “Every Time I Try” is the first single from their upcoming album Insanity which will be released worldwide via Eclipse Records on October 21st, 2016. Guitarist Fulvio Carlini has this to say:

This song represents a change for us. From a musical point of view we’ve always been a hard rock/metal band, but on the new album we’ve added a little more melody. We wanted to sound more… intimate and personal through both the music and the lyrics. “Every Time I Try” is about things that keep you away from who you are, and what you really want. It could be anything: haters, drugs, dating…. we all go through this kind of stuff, and while writing this song in particular, each one of us was thinking about something different and self-related.

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